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My 7 Super Travel Shots

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Today, I’m participating in Hostelbooker’s 7 Super Shots game. Here’s how it works: I was tagged by Wandering Educators (thank you!), and now I get the chance to share my seven favorite travel photos for each of the pre-determined categories. Then, I have the opportunity to tag five other bloggers who I think will have some spectacular travel photos to share.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane:

A Photo That Takes My Breath Away:

Hyatt Regency--Maui. Spa

When we went to Maui a couple years ago, I took a little time to myself and went to the spa for a pedicure. The view was incredible from the open-air relaxation room at the Hyatt Regency.

A Photo That Makes Me Dream:

Open Road, West Texas

I love the idea of road trips. I mean, I love the road trips themselves, but it’s the idea of them that really inspires me. This photo was taken in West Texas, on a very lonely road. Many parts of West Texas are so untravelled that you can drive for many miles without seeing another car. Something about all that open space really fascinates me, and I love the memories this photo brings back.

A Photo That Makes Me Think:

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington

My daughter and niece were very respectful as we watched the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery. I think they understood that this was a time and place for quiet voices, and I was really proud of them. Because my daughter is a military brat, we’ve had to explain some concepts to her that other kids her age might not be familiar with. We’ve talked about deployment, terrorism, and the people who want to cause others harm. We’ve even talked about death a little, mostly in the context of family members who have passed away. It can be challenging to find a balance between honesty and protection; I hope we’re doing things right.

A Photo That Makes Me Smile:

Two girls at in the Smokies. TN.

We’re fortunate to be able to go on the occasional girls getaway with other mom/daughter friends. Last summer, my daughter and I went to Great Smoky Mountain National Park with our good friends from Ohio. I love this photo of the girls laughing, probably at the expense of their mothers.

A Photo That Makes My Mouth Water:

Ubuntu restaurant. Napa, CA

The vegetarian restaurant Ubuntu in Napa features some very unusual dishes. This beautiful salad, complete with edible flowers, was as delicious as it was beatuiful.

A Photo That Tells a Story:


See those people on the lift in front of me? Those were my friends and I should have been on the lift with them. But somehow I totally messed things up when I was trying to get on the lift, and I ended up on a four-person lift all by myself. Nothing screams “beginner” like the chick in the rented helmet who can’t properly board the lift. Oops.

A Photo I’m Proud of:

Bright (A flower at the SA Botanical Garden)

I love this photo of a vibrant flower at the San Antonio Botanical Garden.

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Photo Friday: Tourist

E. in DC, Washington Monument

Let’s see: stroller covered in luggage tags, sunglasses, hat, backpack, big monument in the background. Yep, I’d say she’s a tourist!

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Photo Friday: Ad Astra

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Ad Astra, a sculpture by Richard Lippold, stands at the entrance to the Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. (“Ad astra” means “to the stars” in Latin.) Created in 1976, this sculpture definitely has a retro vibe. It isn’t sleek or curvy…it’s got lots of right angles and straight lines and seems a little emotionally detached to me. This isn’t, “Hey! If we can put on a man on the moon, who knows how far we can go!” This is more, “Eh. Let me quote you some facts and chart out the galaxy for you.”

What do you think?

Air and Space Museum, DC

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Photo Friday: Tall Trees at Burke Lake Park

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Our recent trip to northern Virginia revolved around a family reunion. We spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon at Burke Lake Park in Fairfax Station where we ate a picnic lunch, rode a carousel, and took a short hike on a wooded trail to the lake.

Burke Lake trees

I was amazed to see the trees. It’s hard to explain, but you just don’t see tall trees like this in southern Texas.

Of course, I would never suggest that it’s a good idea to carve into a tree. However, it’s hard to deny that there’s something fascinating about these names, initials, and hearts etched into the bark.

Burke Lake heart

Burke Lake tree, Fairfax Station, VA

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Wordless Wednesday: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington
E. and her cousin at Arlington National Cemetery

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Family Reunion in Washington, DC

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We’ve spent the last few days hanging out with family, wandering through museums, and taking pictures of monuments in Washington, DC and northern Virginia. It was defintely a whirlwind trip–we were only there for three nights, yet we visited two museums (Natural History and Air & Space), the National Archives, Arlington Cemetery, and more memorials and monuments than I can count. We also hung out at a really cute park in Fairfax, Virginia where we had a picnic lunch, played frisbee, and rode a carosel. Add to that a crazy night at an Irish pub in Alexandria, Virginia and an afternoon in Baltimore before we flew out of town, and you’ve got one busy vacation!

E. in DC (1960s effect)

As you can imagine, I’m still sifting through photos and trying to decide which activities were my favorite. E. says she liked the Natural History Museum the best, mostly due to the fact that there’s a large elephant (her favorite animal) in the museum’s rotunda.

I found Arlington Cemetery really fascinating, especially the older sections. I could have spent an entire day there, but there just wasn’t time on this trip.

And of course, since this was a family reunion, E. got to see her beloved cousins, grandparents, and aunt and uncle. Plus, she was able to make a few new friends along the way.

In the coming days, I’ll be writing more about our trip. But I want to hear from you…what are your favorite things to do in Washington, DC?


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