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Clark County Fair in Logandale, Nevada

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Spending a little over two years in Texas must have left an impression on me. Even though I grew up in the suburbs of a fairly large city, I’ve grown to love county fairs, rodeos, and anything else that involves funnel cake and livestock.

Clark County Fair, Logandale, NV

Our afternoon at the Clark County Fair made me feel like I was back in Texas again. A big western sky, dust and dirt, fascinating animals, and all kinds of less-than-healthy snacks made this an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday.

Our five-year-old daughter was the perfect age for most of the rides, and she particularly liked a little roller coaster that she got to ride on her own without Mom and Dad.

Clark County Fair, Nevada

As for the livestock, we got to see all kinds of interesting animals. We saw an enormous peacock with a huge, beautiful plume of feathers. We also saw some piglets…and their mom who was absolutely enormous. We saw a calf with its mother as well, and several roosters, one of whom cock-a-doodle-doo’ed right at us.

Clark County Fair, Nevada.

We ended our day with some funnel cake and homemade root beer from one of the food stands. On our way out, we let our daughter play one more carinval game, and she won a little stuffed animal that quickly became a sentimental favorite of hers.

Don’t miss out on the fun! Give the fair a try when it comes around again next year.

Clark County Fair. Nevada.


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