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Photo Friday: You Are Here

Paris Hatters sign

When you’re in Texas, it’s impossible to forget where you are for even a moment. This is one of the things I find fascinating about this place: it insists that you are here and not there. You can see it for yourself in the state flags, the cowboy boots, the pick-up trucks. But of course this place is much more than that. Texas also means beautiful architecture, wildflower-lined highways, and hat stores that have been visited by everyone from the Pope to Johnny Cash. It’s a strange place, but I love it nonetheless.

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Photo Friday: Tall Trees at Burke Lake Park

Our recent trip to northern Virginia revolved around a family reunion. We spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon at Burke Lake Park in Fairfax Station where we ate a picnic lunch, rode a carousel, and took a short hike on a wooded trail to the lake.

Burke Lake trees

I was amazed to see the trees. It’s hard to explain, but you just don’t see tall trees like this in southern Texas.

Of course, I would never suggest that it’s a good idea to carve into a tree. However, it’s hard to deny that there’s something fascinating about these names, initials, and hearts etched into the bark.

Burke Lake heart

Burke Lake tree, Fairfax Station, VA

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Photo Friday: Flowers in Little Rock


It was about a year ago that we drove from Ohio to Texas, stopping along the way in Little Rock, Arkansas. In all likelihood, we’ll be moving again a year from now. I wonder what we’ll discover on our next moving-day(s) road trip?

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Photo Friday: Another Reason Why We Travel

Last week, I wrote a guest post as part of the “Why We Travel” series at The World is my Jungle Gym. I talked about travel as a way to introduce my daughter to people and places that are different from what she sees in our own neighborhood. However, there’s another reason why travel is important to us. It allows us to see family members who don’t live nearby and helps E. form solid relationships with her cousins even though she doesn’t see them on a weekly–or even monthly–basis.

We’ve been able to go on a few trips with extended family, which includes seven adults and three kids…a total of four generations! E. adores her two cousins, and I hope they’ll remain close. I think travelling is an important part of forming lasting memories that the three kids will remember when they’re older.

E. gets a big hug from her cousin B. at Disney World.

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Sun, Sand, and a Pedicure

Here are three things I wouldn’t mind enjoying right now: sun, sand, and a pedicure.


What are three things you need to make your day better?

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P.S. I got the sandals at Target for about $8.

Sometimes the Best Adventures are Unexpected: Floore’s Country Store

I didn’t expect to fall in love with Floore’s Country Store when we drove over to Old Town Helotes today. I expected that E. and I would walk around, take a few pictures, and get back in the car. But sometimes the best adventures are the ones you don’t expect.

As someone who is fascinated by Texas, particularly the small towns of the Hill Country, I knew I had to walk into Floore’s Country Store the minute I saw its large, over-the-top signs.

E Floore's

According to the Texas historical marker, Floore’s has hosted the likes of Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, and Hank Williams. A passerby told us that he remembers sitting on the steps with his kids years ago and waiting to get a glimpse of Johnny Cash. This place sure has a history!

E. and I went inside and got drinks (a milk for E. and a Big Red for me), and took our drinks outside and sat on those same steps.




The lesson I learned today? You never know when you’ll stumble onto a place you love. Your next adventure could be right around the corner!

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First Subway Ride

This picture might be blurry, but it documents E.’s first subway ride:


When we were in Boston, we did a lot of walking, and we took a cab roundtrip when we went to the New England Aquarium. However, our brief ride on the subway was one of the highlights of the trip for E.

Be sure to check out the photo of E.’s first cab ride, which took place in Chicago.

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Photo Friday: San Antonio River Cruise

Taking a stroll, stopping for a bite to eat or a drink…these are great ways to experience the riverwalk. However, my favorite way to see San Antonio’s famous riverwalk is to take a river cruise. My daughter loves riding in a boat, and I love all of the architecture talk.

Here are some photos I took on a recent Sunday afternoon river cruise:


View from a river cruise

Saint Anthony as seen from the river

Tower Life Building

Aztec Theater sculpture as seen from river

For more information on river cruises: Rio San Antonio Cruises

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Is It Weird That I Took My Daughter to a Cemetery?

For me, cemeteries aren’t particularly sad to walk through, nor are they unsettling in the way they seemed to be when I was a kid. Instead, they are like outdoor art museums. For instance, we found some beautifully carved tombstones in Castroville, where we took a walk through Saint Louis Cemetery.





STL Cemetery

I know this isn’t a typical mother-daughter outing. Sometimes I don’t think we give kids enough credit. Just like us adults, they can find beauty in the unusual.

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Photo Friday: Spring Personified

Tuesday was an absolutely beautiful day here in San Antonio. After the rain and cold (well, “cold” is relative) of winter, it was so nice to put on a pair of shorts and head out to the San Antonio Botanical Garden.

That day, E. looked like Spring personified. She wore a brand new outfit–a peach-colored shirt with plaid bermuda shorts–and her pink baseball cap. And her attitude that day exuded Spring. She loved our day at the garden and had a smile on her face the entire time.

For more pictures of the Botanical Garden, check out my previous post Flower (and Cactus) Power. And for more travel photos, stop by Photo Friday at the family travel blog Delicious Baby.

Happy Spring!


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