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Photo Friday: Climbing at Valley of Fire

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What could be better than climbing rocks at Valley of Fire? How about climbing rocks with your cousins

Valley of Fire

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  1. Wow – that looks like a pretty cool place to go rock climbing and I’m pretty sure that the presence of cousins made it even better!

  2. Kids rock-climbing? Now, that’s impressive!

    • Thanks! My daughter has no fear when it comes to climbing rocks. She even slipped and scratched her knee, but she got up, shrugged, and said, “Well, I guess that’s what happens to explorers sometimes.” :)

  3. More Kids Than Suitcases

    I love the color of the sky. Valley of Fire is a beautiful place, at least until the “fire” part kicks in a few months from now.

  4. So nice when kids have cousins their age – makes everything so much more fun!

  5. This looks like another fun natural playground. Another one to add to the off the Vegas strip visits. Fun times and great memories are always shared with cousins. Hope they had a good visit.

  6. That is great! There is nothing better than exploring Valley of Fire.


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