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Five Travel Ideas in Nevada

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Since trip-planning is one of my favorite ways to spend my free time, I ordered my free Nevada Visitor’s Guide as soon as I found out we’d be moving to Las Vegas. I’ve flipped through it, highlighted it, penciled it, and dog-eared it to the point that it is almost falling apart. There are so many adventures to enjoy in my new home state: everything from big city excitement to driving Highway 50, “the loneliest road in America.”

After all of that flipping, highlighting, and circling, I’ve managed to narrow it down. Here are five Nevada travel ideas that I’m most excited about:

1. Lake Tahoe: Everytime I see a picture of Lake Tahoe, I want to jump in the car and start driving up there. Lake Tahoe State Park looks gorgeous and I bet the short Sand Point Nature Trail would be a great place to start exploring. Next, I’d head over to South Lake Tahoe and check out Vikingsholm Castle. My daughter would love this “castle,” which was built in 1929 as a summer home.

2. More exploring at Valley of Fire State Park: We loved our afternoon at Valley of Fire, but I know there is a huge portion of the park that we have yet to see. Mouse’s Tank trail is a great hike for beginners, but I’d like to explore some of the longer, more challenging trails too.

3. Highway 50: Known as the “loneliest highway in America,” this road stretches across Nevada and goes through towns like Ely, Austin, and Fallon. I’m really fascinated by places that are in the middle of nowhere, places where you feel like you might be the last person on earth. I’ve felt that way a few times before, like when we drove out to West Texas and later when we embarked on our drive from San Antonio to Las Vegas.

4. Northeastern Nevada: Looking at the offerings in this part of the state, I’m reminded of Texas. There’s the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in January followed by rodeos, car shows, and chili cook-offs scattered throughout the 2012 calendar. I’d love to visit this part of the state, perhaps on our way to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

5. Great Basin National Park: As soon as I read that this is one of the country’s least-visited national parks–despite its beauty and all that it has to offer–I immediately knew I had to add it to our list. The National Park Service describes it like this: “Come to Great Basin National Park to experience the solitude of the desert, the smell of sagebrush after a thunderstorm, the darkest of night skies, and the beauty of Lehman Caves.” Sounds good to me!

Now I’d like to hear from you: What am I forgetting that I absolutely can’t miss? If you have any Nevada adventures you would like to recommend, please leave a comment.

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  1. When we first moved to Las Vegas, my son found a place to go geode hunting. We loved it. We didn’t find many but what an experience!

    I will have to find out where it is located. I know we headed west, went off road, there was a men’s prison and keep going into the desert.

  2. Highway 50 is one I’d like to travel here in Nevada. Other locations would be Caliente, Pioche, and Wells (a lot of their historic downtown area was lost due to an earthquake in February 2008).

    • My dad is from Pioche. Fun old mining town. We go often. Their big celebration is an little old town celebration for Labor Day every year. We have reunions both there and Caliente. Lots of Nevada history in Pioche.

  3. You will love them all! I’ve traveled everywhere in Nevada since I’m a native and never get tired of going on these adventures here.

  4. What a great list…I haven’t been to any of these places, so I will definitely be referring back. Thanks Sarah!

  5. You mean there is more to do than lay by the pool and club (getting crazy wasted) at night? I had no idea :)

  6. I love those middle of nowhere drives. Admittedly, the spottier the cell service, the more nervous I get, but I still love them.

  7. I’m not that far from Nevada…..and have yet to go there. I need to correct that!

  8. Sounds like you are going to have a great time exploring Nevada!

  9. Great Ideas! We are gathering our hiking supplies now to try some out this weekend!

  10. Great Ideas, I wish I hadn’t moved before trying out at least one!

  11. I’m sharing this with my husband; he’s a native and loves all these historical excursions. Reading this makes me want to visit again.. and there’s a few I haven’t been to yet.

  12. I want to get to the 2 parks! We drove up to Tahoe over the holidays and 50 is a lonely highway, although we always had company. It’s pretty barren between here and Northern NV! Definitely worth doing once!

  13. we’ve lived in Nevada for almost 5 years, and have yet to visit most of these places (hanging head in shame). I’ve ordered the visitors guide… had no idea it existed… and hopefully some inspiration will be arriving in the mail soon! : )


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