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Our Visit to Mars, Also Known as Valley of Fire

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First, let me make a confession. I’m totally phoning it in on this one. My daughter has been sick all week, we’re still recovering from post-holiday chaos, and there’s a strong possibility that I’m forgetting to do something super-important right now due to lack of sleep. But I had to share pictures of our recent adventure at Valley of Fire State Park. It was AWESOME.

Las Vegans, if you haven’t looked in your backyard lately, you should. It’s incredible out there, and sometimes I think those of you who have lived here for years don’t always realize that.

Valley of Fire looks like Mars–lots of red rocks and dramatic vistas. It is by far my favorite place we’ve visited since we moved to Nevada. Take a look:

For now, I’ll leave you with these images of the park. Stay tuned for Valley of Fire advice in a future post.

Happy 2012, and thank you for reading Wandering Off!

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  1. I remember the Valley of Fire being really pretty, although we were dumb enough to visit in July so we didn’t last too long. Your pictures make it look even a little better than I remember it though. Nice shots!

  2. Great photos! I really think that I could go to Vegas and never set foot in a casino!

  3. this reminds me of my honeymoon in southern utah, traipsing around red rocks & discovering petroglyphs… thanks for this nice bit of nostalgia! when someone says to me “las vegas” i mentally picture the strip… i’m happy that i get the chance to re-paint this picture through your blog!

  4. We’ve never been, but definitely want to go! Love your photos.

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  6. Wow! I saw on one of your other posts that you’d like to publish on other travel sites. Well, you should think about publishing your travel photos too. These are amazing, especially the one of the layers of rock! Reminded me of Arches National Park.

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