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Photo Friday: Hoover Dam

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Recently, we embarked on our first day trip from Las Vegas. I was excited to see this piece of American history, although my four-year-old daughter was bored to tears (literally).

Hoover Dam. Nov 2011.

Hoover Dam

Art Deco design elements can be found everywhere you look when you visit Hoover Dam. The pair of bronze sculptures, called the “Winged Figures of the Republic,” help make the dam more than just an engineering marvel. Perhaps the sculptures were meant to serve as a reminder of both the accomplishment of building the dam and of the lives lost during construction.

Hoover Dam statues

We also had the opportunity to see the relatively new Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, which soars 900 feet above the Colorado River. We actually drove over this bridge during our move to Las Vegas. Walls prevent drivers from seeing Hoover Dam, but a pedestrian-only lane is available, which provides spectacular views. (Or so I imagine. We didn’t venture up to the bridge on this visit…mostly because it looks terrifying!)

View of Memorial Bridge from Hoover Dam.

Looking the other direction from Hoover Dam, visitors can see Lake Meade, America’s largest man-made reservoir. Water levels have been uncharacteristically low in recent years, as you can see by the line on the surrounding rocks. This is actually very worrisome, since most of the water used by the city of Las Vegas comes from Lake Meade.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

I was prepared to be amazed by the size of the dam, but I was surprised by the fascinating art and the stunning views.

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  1. Great pictures! I’ve never actually stopped and looked around on the dam, but it’s felt like I have a few times. Before they opened that new bridge, it could take almost as long to drive across the dam as it did to drive out there from Vegas.
    And if you think the bridge looks scary now, you should have seen the guys who were building it. That was crazy.

  2. What an interesting perspective on Hoover Dam. I’ve always enjoyed it as a Vegas side trip. My kids thought it was cool for a few minutes too and thought it was much more interesting that they have a body part on each state at the Arizona/Nevada border on the bridge. Maybe we’ll have to do a tour next time to pique their interest.

  3. It’s funny how 4 year olds can’t seem to appreciate engineering marvels, isn’t it? :) If we ever make it to Vegas we will definitely be making a trip to the Hoover Dam whether the kids like it or not!

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