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My 7 Links: A Look Back at Wandering Off

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Franklin Park flowers

A community-building excercise was started by Tripbase to help travel bloggers connect and rediscover previous blog posts. Basically, we’re supposed to pick one of our own posts for each of the seven categories, and then nominate five other bloggers who we would like to see participate. (For rules and a more thorough explanation, click here.)

Thank you to Livin on the Road for nominating me!

Here are my seven links:

Photo Friday: Franklin Park Conservatory
This is probably the most visually-striking post I’ve ever published. I love the bright colors of the Dale Chihuly glass next to the green leaves. Add to that some flowers, butterflies, and a two-year-old girl, and you’ve got all kinds of beauty!

My Favorite San Antonio Playgrounds
This post has gotten more hits than any other, and I love that it helped me to discover some new parks through the suggestions made in the comments section and on Twitter.

Why the Idea of Full Body Scanners Makes This Mom Uncomfortable
I’m certainly not the most controversial blogger, but this post seemed to get some strong reactions, not so much in the comments section, but on Twitter. In the post, I said I’d be hesitant to fly if it meant that these new regulations would be applied to children. In fact, our next two trips after I wrote this post were road trips. However, we did go back to flying, and my husband was selected to go through the full body scanner. I think my feelings on the topic have changed somewhat, but I still stand by the fact that we need to be cautious about new regulations until we know exactly how they will effect children.

Air Sickness: A Survival Guide for Parents
We were really taken off-guard when our daughter got air sick on a flight. She’d never had a problem before, so my husband and I just sat there in shock. Writing this post was helpful for me because it put my mind at ease to think about the things we could do differently next time. I hope others find it helpful as well.

Success That Surprised Me:
Your Someday Might Be Today
I wrote this post in a fit of frustration and clicked publish without second-guessing myself. I was suprised that other people seemed to have similar frustrations and agreed with me that it’s more important to get out of the house and find a little adventure than it is to have a perfectly clean home or have dinner waiting on the table. If there’s one post on this list that you read, I hope it’s this one.

Needs Attention:
Outings with Your Future Architect
A post that didn’t get the attention I thought it deserved was this one on teaching your child to appreciate architecture. Sometimes I don’t think we give kids enough credit…they’re capable of appreciating art, history, and architecture if they have a little guidance. And San Antonio has some amazing buildings to explore.

A Post I’m Proud Of:
Photo Essay: West Texas
I’m proud of this post for two reasons: first, I’m pleased with the way the pictures came out. But more importantly, I’m proud of myself, my daughter, and our friends for embarking on this trip. We didn’t know what to expect. We travelled through remote areas and hiked in a national park where bears and mountain lions are common. Girl power!

I’d like to nominate the following five bloggers to take part in the My 7 Links challenge:

Midwest Guest
Arrows Sent Forth
Two Kids and a Map
The Q Family Adventures

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  1. Great to read all these links and get to know you even better. Loved Your Someday Might Be Today. Loved it! I’m so glad you hit the submit button without trepidation. There are some people I know who need to read that. Hey, there are some days when I need to read that. Great work!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. Travelling with kids isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. Sometimes when I lose my motivation and start sticking to the normal daily schedule too closely, I have to look back at my own post. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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