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Feel Free to Steal This Idea Next Year: Father’s Day at Roaring Fork

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I knew I wanted to take my husband out to dinner to celebrate Father’s Day, but I wasn’t sure which restaurant to choose. I wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t eaten before, but I also hoped to find a restaurant that he’d definitely like. In other words, different but dependable.

The dinner menu at Roaring Fork, located north of San Antonio, looked perfect. They serve American/Tex-Mex food with a twist. For instance, I ordered a huckleberry margarita. Although I’m glad I tried it, I think I would have preferred a beer!

For dinner, I ordered the Roaring Fork “Big Ass” Burger. (And I deserve an award for saying “big ass” because now I’m going to be plagued by all kinds of weird comments from people who googled “big ass” and somehow ended up here. But I digress.)

Father's Day at Roaring Fork, San Antonio

The burger was indeed big, as you can see. It was also delicious.

My husband ordered the beef short rib tacos, which he said were good. (And I take his word for it since he ate every bite.)

Overall, Roaring Fork was a great choice for Father’s Day, and I have a feeling we’ll be back before next June.

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  1. What a perfect Father’s Day meal!

  2. You have to try a Huckleberry Margarita if it’s on the menu!

  3. My husband would love that ‘Big Ass’ burger.. :) Sorry can’t help but add another ‘Big Ass’ to your blog post. ;)


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