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Photo Essay: West Texas

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Open road in West Texas:
Open Road, West Texas

Welcome to Big Bend:
Big Bend sign

The former swamp:
Big Bend, former swamp

The vastness of West Texas:
West Texas

Fort Leaton State Historic Site near Presidio, Texas:
Fort Leaton State Park

A purprle cactus at Fort Leaton:
Purple Cactus, Fort Leaton State Park

A lone historical marker:
Historical Marker, West Texas

Presidio County Courthouse:
Presidio County Courthouse

Coffee and ice cream in Marfa, Texas:

Open everyday in Marfa:
Frama Coffee and Ice Cream

We were lucky to have wonderful travel companions on this trip. You can check out more West Texas photos at

Stay tuned for more West Texas fun here on Wandering Off. I’ll be writing about state and national parks, a super-cool retro hotel, and why I was totally unprepared for this trip. Happy trails!

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