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Photo Essay: Pedernales Falls State Park

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Pedernales Falls. Sign
Pedernales State Park is located in Blanco County, not far from Johnson City.

Pedernales Falls
View from the scenic overlook.

Pedernales Falls State Park
My daughter loved looking for shells in the sand.

Pedernales Falls
A little lagoon.

Pedernales Falls State Park
We visited on a weekday in late January, and the park definitely wasn’t crowded.

For more information on Pedernales Falls State Park: Texas Parks and Wildlife
To read about other Texas state parks: Texas State Parks I’d Like to Visit (Instead of Battle Pneumonia)

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  1. Love the photos! I have to admit that the numerous flash flood warning signs in the park made me a bit nervous. :-)

  2. This is a park I’m dying to visit! These are beautiful pictures – can’t wait to go now. Glad I found you!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words about the pictures. I took them with my point-and-shoot and edited them using Picknik.

      You should definitely visit this park…the falls really are unusual looking!

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  5. My fiancee and I are taking my two children to tent camp at Pedernales this weekend! We can’t wait; it’s been years since I’ve tent camped, and the children never have. Thanks for the lovely photos; it’s great to see the park at the same time of year we’re going!


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