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How We Overcame Illness-Induced Cabin Fever

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I had a few ideas when it came time to think about Memorial Day weekend. Maybe we would drive up to Austin for lunch and then check out the State Capitol. Or perhaps we could go to San Marcos and ride on a glass-bottom boat. Or maybe we could try to find one of the ghost towns I’ve been reading about lately. I was looking forward to three days of fun and relaxation with Nick and E.

However, things don’t always go as planned.

On Friday afternoon, E. suddenly developed a fever and sore throat. A trip to urgent care revealed that this was probably a virus. In other words, there wasn’t much we could do except rest, wait, and make sure E. remained well-hydrated.

By Saturday evening, Nick, E., and I were all getting cabin fever. I checked Facebook and saw my friends’ updates about lakes, BBQs, and children’s museums. We had to get out of the house! So, we headed to a place where I knew we wouldn’t run into too many people: the riverwalk.

No, not that portion of the riverwalk. This one, known as the Museum Reach:

Museum Reach riverwalk

As you can see, we didn’t have to worry about E. passing on her illness to strangers. We weren’t able to walk far since E. felt under the weather, but it was nice to get outside. E. particularly liked this ledge, which served as a perfect stage for an impromptu dance performance.

E. at the Museum Reach

I’m happy to report that E. is starting to feel better. But I’m disappointed that E.’s weekend had to be filled with thermometers and Tylenol instead of glass-bottom boats, playgrounds, and friends. Today, I’m dreaming of the three-day weekend I had envisioned. Maybe next time.

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  1. I'm impressed that you got the gang out in spite of your circumstances. No worries – there are plenty more 3-day weekends in your future! :)

  2. Total sympathy for you – I've been there! Thanks for sharing a picture of a part of the River Walk that I've never seen. Looks like the perfect place to get away from the crowds.

  3. Oh, that's what we call a sickation around here. I have been there more times than I'd like to remember.

  4. Where are there ghost towns around here?

  5. Erica,The link in the post will take you to a list of all (or almost all) Texas ghost towns. For ones closer to you, here is a list of Hill Country ghost towns: haven't visited any yet, but it's definitely on my list of things to do. Some of them are almost nonexistant now, others still have remains of old buildings. When we eventually visit a ghost town, I'll definitely write about it here on the blog! :)


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